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About 62 Brass Clippings Scrap

What Is No.2 Scrap Copper?

No.2 Scrap Copper consists of clean, unalloyed copper solids. It may include clean, oxidized or coated (plated) copper clippings, punchings, bus bars, commutator segments. Copper pipe or tubing free of excessive solder also falls in this category, but must be clean and oxidized. It also consists of light gauge, clean, coated or oxidized wire that does not contain fine gauge hair wire. All No.2 Scrap Copper should not be excessively leaded, tinned or soldered. In addition, it must be free of excessive oxidation, scale, ash or brittle burnt wire and contain at least 96% copper.

No.2 Scrap Copper is not clean as the pipe may have solder or fittings attached to it. It can be even smaller than 1/16" thick.

No.2 Scrap Copper Price


Where can we sell No.2 Scrap Copper?

No.2 Scrap Copper can be sold directly to a scrap yard. Local scrap yards can be easily located with the help of tools including search engines, google maps and yellow page directory.

Copper pipes with soldered joints will be considered as No.2 Scrap Copper. Taking time to remove the soldered joints from the copper pipes will fetch more value for your #2 Scrap Copper.


Have bulk quantity of No.2 Scrap Copper with you?

When it comes to large quantities of scrap, the sorted scrap is packaged and shipped to a company that re-melts the materials in order to make new products out of it.

The price of the metal depends on various factors including the grade of the metal and the current commodity price. The quality of the metal too is important. The price can also vary depending on whether the metal is shipped by the seller or the buyer makes arrangement for pickup of the same.