5057 Aluminum Scrap Price

About 5057 Aluminum Scrap

What Are Aluminum Radiators?

Radiators basically transfer heat from the coolant to the air. Radiators are usually made from aluminum and copper. The primary difference between copper and aluminum radiators is that aluminum radiators have wider tubes to carry the coolant. Furthermore, Aluminum Radiators are cheaper and better resistant to damage. Aluminum Radiators are usually found in refrigerators and cars.

Aluminum Radiators Price

Aluminum Radiators are one of the scrap categories obtained mainly while scrapping vehicles. The Aluminum Radiators carry comparatively less price when compared with other Copper/Aluminum Radiators, as they do not have copper tubing within them.


Where can we sell Aluminum Radiators?

Aluminum Radiator scrap can be recycled for cash at any local scrap yard near your locality. Please note that Aluminum Radiators is worth good money at the scrap yard. You just need to identify the right scrap yard that offers the best price for your scrap.


Have bulk quantity of Aluminum Radiators with you?

Curbside recycling generally doesn’t accept Aluminum Radiator scrap. Garages and vehicle parts store may accept them. However, it is recommended that you sell them to scrap yards specializing in such scrap products. Scrap yards often deal with bulk requirements of Aluminum Scrap Radiators. Before you recycle your Aluminum Radiator, make sure you have removed all the coolant. Search the Internet to find the local scrap yards that accept bulk quantities of Aluminum Radiator scrap.