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About 2024 Aluminum Scrap

What Are 6061 Extrusions?

Extruded Aluminum Alloy 6061 is a medium to high strength aluminum alloy. It is one of the most widely used alloys in the 6000 series.

6061 Extrusions possess excellent corrosion resistance to atmospheric conditions. It also offers corrosion resistance to seawater. This aluminum alloy offers excellent finishing characteristics and responds well to anodizing.

6061 Extrusions are most commonly used as transportation components, marine fittings, machinery and equipment, automobile frames, aircraft equipment etc. These alloys are available in various tempers and specifications and are one of the most versatile heat-treatable alloys.

6061 Extrusions Price

6061 Aluminum Extrusions scrap carry significant value. The different grades of 6000 series of Aluminum Extrusions are difficult to identify using naked eyes. Scrap yards often use metal analyzers to determine the various grades.


Where can we sell 6061 Extrusions?

Local scrap yards are places where one could sell a wide variety of scrap materials including 6061 Aluminum Extrusions scrap. The prices will be determined by the yards depending on the quality of the material and can vary from one yard to another.


Have bulk quantity of 6061 Extrusions with you?

Aluminum extrusions are found in various industries such as aerospace, automobile, household appliances etc. Such scrap in large quantities is generally accepted by scrap yards and recycling centers that deal with non-ferrous scrap.