1100 Aluminum Scrap Price

About 1100 Aluminum Scrap

What Are Aluminum Wheels?

Aluminum Wheels shall or Aluminum Rims are scrap materials obtained from discarded wheels of vehicles-both on-road and off-road types. The rims must be free of tire, dirt and other attachments such as lead wheel weights.

Aluminum Wheels Price

Clean Aluminum Wheels is one of the scrap grades that fetches you good money. Make sure that the rims are free of rubber tires. Scrap yards will pay less for Aluminum wheels containing dirt and attachments.


Where can we sell Aluminum Wheels?

End-of-life Aluminum Wheels can be scrapped like any other auto component such as alternators, radiators, catalytic convertors etc. Scrap yards prefer Clean Aluminum wheels, but most of the times accept rims with tires on. However, they pay less after charging necessary tire removal charges. It is always better to remove rubber tires and lead wheel weights to get maximum returns from the scrap. In fact, the attachments can be sorted and sold separately for cash.


Have large quantity of Aluminum Wheels with you?

Usually, garages and auto shops generate huge volumes of Aluminum Wheels scrap. It is important to separate aluminum rims from steel rims, as the pricing may vary significantly. Steel rims are heavier than aluminum ones, thus making them easy to separate. Such scrap in large quantities can be carried to scrap yard in containers. Many scrap yards may even arrange pick up service for your scrap.