#1 Copper (Cu 97%) Scrap Price

About #1 Copper (Cu 97%) Scrap

What Is 330 SS?

Type 330 is a high strength austenitic chromium-nickel-iron-silicon alloy that offers high resistance to oxidation and carburization. The silicon content enhances the excellent resistance provided by the high nickel and chromium content of the alloy. It also has high ductility and strength.

330 Stainless Steel Scrap shall consist of sorted AISI type 330 stainless steel solids.

It is widely used in high temperature environments and in the manufacture of petrochemical furnace parts, heat exchangers, high temperature fans, salt pots, gas turbine components, boiler fixtures etc.

Grade 330 Stainless Steel can be hardened only through cold reduction as it is unresponsive to heat treatment. It can be welded using Galvanized After Weld (GAW) technique.

330 SS Price

330 SS scrap has good monetary value. The price offered by scrap yards today could be different from that of yesterday, as scrap prices tend to remain volatile, depending on several market conditions.


Where can we sell 330 SS?

Local scrap metal yard that deal with ferrous or non-ferrous scrap is the ideal place to sell your 330 SS scrap. Incidentally, this along with other grades of stainless steel scrap offers high recycling value and has one of the highest recycling rate. In general, most scrap yards accept the materials that you don’t require anymore and offers good price for them.


Have large quantities of 330 SS to sell?

330 SS scrap is one of the most traded stainless steel scrap material. These scrap are often generated in bulk quantities, mainly by petrochemical, thermal and power generation industries.