New Jersey Metal Scrap Statute

New Jersey
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Materials Covered and Other Definitions

"Scrap Metal" means used, discarded, or previously owned items that consist predominantly of ferrous metals, aluminum, brass, copper, lead, chromium, tin, nickel, or alloys.

"Scrap Metal Business" means a commercial establishment which, as one of its principal business purposes, purchases scrap metal for purposes of resale or processing.


The Operator of a scrap metal business shall, before receiving or purchasing any Scrap Metal from a Deliverer or Seller:

  • Verify their identity by examining a valid government-issued photo ID, and
  • Make a copy of the ID and record the identifying number.

For receipts or purchases in excess of 100 lbs. or $50, whichever is less, record:

  • The date of receipt or purchase of the Scrap Metal;
  • The name and address of the Deliverer or Seller;
  • The type and number of the Deliverer or Seller's identification;
  • A copy of the identification;
  • A description of the Scrap Metal, including its type, amount, and form;
  • The signature of the Deliverer or Seller; and
  • Any other information required by the Attorney General.

Records for receipts or purchases in excess of 100 lbs. or $50 must be maintained for 5 years. The retention period for the identifying number and copy of photo ID collected for all transactions is not specified.


An Operator must make any records maintained available, upon request, to any law enforcement agency or official investigating the possible theft or resale of scrap metals.


An Operator shall immediately report to an appropriate law enforcement agency any delivery or sale of Scrap Metal under circumstances that would cause a reasonable person to believe the Scrap Metal was probably stolen or otherwise inappropriately obtained.

Any person who reports information to a law enforcement official or agency concerning the suspect delivery or sale of Scrap Metal shall be immune from any civil liability for the report unless they acted in bad faith or with malicious intent.


Any violations are:

  • 1st or 2nd offense: disorderly persons offenses;
  • 3rd or subsequent: crimes of the fourth degree.

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