Yuba City City Council approves recycling expansion

Yuba City - The Yuba City City Council unanimously approved a resolution Tuesday to allow Recycling Industries to move forward with its plans to expand its facility in Yuba City.

With the approval, Recycling Industries will be able to expand its facility from three acres to four acres and increase the square footage of its transfer and processing building.

“I think City Council can see the value in this project, which will bring jobs and add revenue to the city. I appreciate their support. We will be good neighbors, and I think the community will really enjoy the project,” said David Kuhnen, general manager of Recycling Industries. 

The council’s decision ends an ongoing dispute between the company and a group of concerned residents – known collectively as Stop the Dump – who were initially opposed to the project. The group filed an appeal following the Planning Commission’s decision to approve the project back in December. 

Prior to the appeal hearing in January, attorneys from both parties hammered out their differences and came to an agreement with a total of 60 conditions. The resulting resolution is what council members approved at Tuesday’s public hearing. 

Now that a use permit has been approved, Kuhnen said, the company can start the process of construction. However, the improved facility would not be allowed to operate without state approval first.

“The next step is to engage in the state approval process, which is to work with the Yuba-Sutter Local Enforcement Agency to get final approval from CalRecycle. They have to certify in order to receive the full solid waste permit,” Kuhnen said. 

The state approval process could take up to five months to complete, he said. 

One of the conditions of the resolution is that development of the site must commence by March 31, 2020.

Courtesy : www.appeal-democrat.com