Sporting Kansas City help fight climate change by recycling food waste

Sporting Kansas City is trying to do their part to help combat climate change.

The club gave a presentation this week at the Sustainable Agriculture Summit in Indianapolis on Wednesday, going over the steps they've implemented to recycle the excess food waste that accumulates at their home matches.

Starting near the beginning of the 2018 season, SKC started taking all the leftover food from concession stands and private suites and turning it over to a biotech service that recycles it and turns it into fertilizer. It's an idea that started back in 2017 when Bradford Warner, vice president of marketing and sustainability for local agricultural firm Agspring, pitched the idea to club brass and found there was mutual interest in the concept.

Since then, they've expanded it to encompass the club's whole network, which includes youth programs throughout the Midwest. The team is also offering incentives to families who fill out pledge cards to reduce food waste.

Check out the whole breakdown on NPR of SKC's presentation at the Sustainable Agriculture Summit and how they plan on continuing the program.